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Thread: Applying for a FAC in Wales

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    Applying for a FAC in Wales

    Hi, I am looking to apply for my first FAC and was wondering what would be the best rimfire calibre to apply for out of the 22lr 22wmr 17hm2 and 17hmr and would it be possible to have 2 of the calibres as a first time FAC holder, also what amount of ammo should I put down on the application.

    I will be mainly hunting rabbits and foxes with it if granted. Most of the shooting will be done at night and a little bit will be close to houses (no facing them, but I'm concerned with the noise of the calibres).

    I'm looking at ruger 10/22, ruger american 22lr and 17hmr and browning T bolt 22lr and 17 hmr the ones I like the most is the browning as the quick reloading if I needed to reload quickly for a follow up shot and also because of the flush 10 shot magazine they have that similar to the ruger

    Would I have to put on the application the model that I would like to apply for if so what is the best out of them for the 17hmr and 22lr

    Thanks in advance

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    Well first things first, get an intro up. It's part of the rules

    Secondly, and in answer to your questions, no you do not need to put down the make of what you want to buy. For shooting rabbit and fox you will need written permission to do so by a land owner, have you got that?
    Rememer that you will have to apply for each rifle and each moderator. So, for example, you will apply for a 22lr rifle, a 17hmr rifle, and two moderators. Each will take up a 'slot' for a total of 4 items. The reason for possession for all 4 is pest species/ground game and any other lawful quarry.
    As for which rimfire round to pick, you NEED a 22lr if you are bothered about noise. With subsonic ammunition and a moderator it's phenomenally quiet. Despite this, although it will work on fox, 22WMR or 17HMR are better for that.

    Hmr shoots flatter but WMR has more energy. Hmr is much more popular.
    Any Questions Feel Free to PM me

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    Welcome along. If your in North Wales then you'll have to go for a CF if your after fox as they won't allow RF for fox hence I'm just waiting for my variation to come back for my first CF (I've already got a 17HMR).

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    Would I be able to apply for both the 17 hmr and 22lr there is around 15 acres out of the total 500 (200 currently with permission and 300 that I will be having permission on if granted for a FAC) which is close to any properties regarding noise, so based on that would I be able to justify having a 22 rifle just for the 15 acres as I would much rather use the 17 as it shoots flatter

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    Im south wales

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thegogg View Post
    Welcome along. If your in North Wales then you'll have to go for a CF if your after fox as they won't allow RF for fox .
    Quite true.
    NWP suggested I went .17hmr for my first rimmie rifle, due to stony ground, but I did my research and held out for .22lr, which is what I got.
    I had no problem at all getting open ticket, and added .243 a year or two later, primarily for fox, but I also got deer and goats on the ticket, and now AOLQ.
    If I was doing it all again I'd still go for the .22lr, and probably .22-250 for foxing, from the outset.

    .22lr rounds are easy to buy in batches if 500, so put 600 on the application so you can buy more if you run out.
    I asked NWP for a relatively small allocation of centrefire ammo (about 60, if I remember correctly), but the ticket came back with 250 on it. I thanked them for this, and asked them why, and the FEO said, "Oh, I thought you lived quite far from a gunshop, so this would make it easier for you". Typical good attitude from NWP.

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    I think the nearest gunshop to me is at least an hours drive away, Lampeter Bridgend and Haverfordwest are the closest to me that I know off

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