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Thread: New .270 moderator choices

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    New .270 moderator choices

    in the market for a new .270 over barrel moderator any info and recommendations welcome,

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    Just purchased an ASE SL5 for my new .270. Short and very light

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    I have a Wildcat pred 8 on my 270 very happy with it . But I have not tried any others so I cannot compare.

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    I have one of the newer lighter and shorter T8's, already have an older one on my 243, but really like this on my 270...

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    I have a Hausken on a 7mm. which isn't a million miles away from a 270. Seems light and pretty good.


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    Wildcat evolution for me, one of the cheapest out there but also quiet and lightweight. Good service from Wildcat in Droitwich as well
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    Try the hauskin. It's the best mod I've used takes out alot of the recoil. Very lightweight and the best sound reduction

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    I have a dpt nice and light

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    Ear plugs.

    Cheap. No need to get a variation to replace them. No noticable effect on the balance or zero of your rifle. No problems with rust on crown. Easily switched between different rifles (and even used on your shotgun).

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    I have to agree in some ways Mungo, less hassle and expense. The downside of course is that you get an offer for some stalking and it is a condition that you use a moderator. I know there is the estate rifle clause but the rifle isn't always available and if it isn't on your ticket you have to be "supervised" which may also be a problem at the time.

    Best wishes,


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