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Thread: Lump on red deer leg

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    Lump on red deer leg

    Hello all, this is my first post here. I'm looking for some advise on a red deer I shot yesterday. I hung it last night and skinner it today and while I was skinning the front left leg I saw that it had a lump about the size on an egg on the leg and the muscle was wasted away. When I hung it the head was curved to one side, but I thought this was because it had been in the back of the Argo. I didn't tke any photos and have now chopped of the whole leg. Is the rest of the meat going to be safe to eat though or will it be dog food?

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    Was the lump full of puss and did it smell? If it was I would condemn the carcass - major infection. Given the muscle wastage its probably an old injury - break, torn ligaments etc. Whats the rest of the carcass like - any other lumps nodes showing etc. Check the lymph nodes in the back of the head carefully - Carcass inspection2 | bestpracticeguides.

    Think back to what the deer looked like before you shot it - did it look sick or was it alert with bright eyes, ears up. Wont have a glossy coat at this time of year, but was it's coat in good condition or was it very mangy. Is the rest of carcass wasted away as well.
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    There was no smell and it was pretty hard. The rest n the carcass looks ok, the coat looked fine too. The deer was grazing when I shot it and seemed normal though I didn't see it moving much.

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    Difficult to be sure without pictures I'm afraid. Comparing it to the other leg, where was the lump (in relation to the joints and from back inside outside etc)? What colour was it? As Heym states, what where the rest of the lymph nodes like? Especially the pre-scapular and axillary. If all the rest of the nodes are OK, then this might be isolated to the one leg and the carcass is OK. Have a good look on internet for comparisons.

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    The lump was pretty much ontop of the socket in the shoulder. The nodes looked ok. I think it will just be safer to dump it though.. Thanks for the replies.

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    Then I'd suggest it was the pre-scapular node. Thre would potentially be some damage between it and the foot

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    Suggest that you complete the DSC 1 & 2 programme. It will certainly assist with your decision making process. You might also wish to consider your final question. Do you really want to feed your dog with a potentially contaminated carcass?

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