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Thread: 308 screw cut and mod fitting help

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    308 screw cut and mod fitting help

    hi guys inquiring for some help I have recently purchased and must say I am very happy with a tikka t3 308 in stainless, this is the varmit model and has the heavy barrel I would like to have it screw cut and want to have fitted a light weight moderator price is of course a consideration.
    as is having the right moderator for the gun and ability for it to do the job.

    I know there are a lot of new moderators in the market place so any help would be gratefully received.
    i would be a fool not to ask you guys as the depth of knowledge on this site should be a great help

    thank you in anticipation Bally

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    I had the T3 Tactical in .308, which has the same barrel as your varmint, I'd get it cut M18X1 which is the thread that Tikka used, unlike there standard M14X1. Both threads are common though and getting a standard Moderator to fit won't be a problem.

    As to which Mod, that has to be an individual preference. If you type in the search bar "moderators" or "moderator" then look through the Equipment Accessories and Reviews, there is stacks of info within that thread which may help you choose.

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    I don't have a 308 but I would have a look at the Ase Utra, I have t8 on my 270 and a buddy has the ASE on his and its hard to tell which is better, the ASE is a lot smaller and does not mark the barrel, there are a lot of new titanium and stainless ones out now, also consult with who ever you are going to do the thread and crown.

    charlie 1

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    i got a t3 tactical with an ase utra northstar and i cant find any faults

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    i have the ase utra s5 on a heavy barrel remington .308 and it does the job just fine.

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    Hi Bally, i have the same gun, and use the ase ultra northstar. And like TJ says get it cut in m18-1. Mine is factory cut in that. Will show you it next time i up range if you want

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    Another vote for ASE Northstar, I've got one on my .308 (T3 Varmint, factory cut) and one on my .223 (remmi 700 Tactical). A mate has an ASE CQB on a .243 and that little can is mighty impressive! A bit dearer though.

    Incidentally the .223 was spitting out the back so I spoke to jackson rifles and they exchanged it without quibble - there is a brass seal which rarely goes wrong apparently. Good service behind a good product.

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    PES T12/T12 Scout (would be my choice)
    MYM T8
    Ase Utra S5
    Ase Utra Northstar
    Ase Utra Jet Z

    All of the above are worth a look, try as many as you can and choose what you like. Get your screw cutting done by a proffesional. Its not worth the hassle of a cheap but awfull job

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    As I thought good advice thank you for your reply's I will take on board what as been said farmer will have a look at that when I see you next at the range
    cheers for the help
    sam you are so right professional job is worth its weight in gold

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