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Thread: HELP mannlicher bolt assembly

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    HELP mannlicher bolt assembly

    Morning all
    Just came in a decided to give the rifle a once over,removed the bolt and was unable to get it back in,after a little fiddling about i pressed the wee button that i remember vowing never to press again a couple of years ago,so now i have a bolt in pieces and unable to reassemble it.
    Can anybody help please before i set off to the gun shop as i did the last time.

    Its a mannlicher classic half stock,thanks in advance


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    Thanks Greg, i had managed to reassemble the bolt but cannot fit it back into the reciever for some reason, it seems to be 1cm to long, the bolt is stopping just short not allowing the bolt handle to drop into it's slot, it must be somthing simple i hope...


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    Maybe worth taking it down again & following the re assembly moves again.
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    Tried that, some serious head scratching going on here, even with the bolt shroud removed bolt will not fit into the reciever.

    Any ideas welcome....


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    Neil. There is a hidden bush at the front of the chamber. It has rotated during cleaning and needs to be rotated back to its correct position to allow the six bolt lugs to fully advance. There is a bit in the manual about this, but it's very unsettling the first time you run into this issue. (Moe243 put me right on this one some time ago.) Once you locate the bush, try moving it a bit at a time and try the bolt (gently). Once you get it all back together try a snap cap/spent case and check that everything works to your satisfaction. Regards JCS
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    JCS, thanks very much for the info,it took all of 15 seconds to put right after a weekend of head scratching, it certainly wont be forgotten....

    Matt, thanks also for the link, although the DO NOT USE PLIERS advice came a little late, don't think any damage has been done though, mind you at the time i did'nt care if i broke it in half

    Thanks again guy's



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    This thread just saved me a trip to the gunsmith!

    Cheers, Tom

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