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Thread: Check your line of sight!!!

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    Check your line of sight!!!

    This morning I fired a very stable shot from quad sticks at a range of about 80 yards and missed a fallow Doe completely. Alarms bells stated to ring as I didn't get that standard audible thump as the round slammed into flesh and bone. After a quick check around of the local area to see if the beast was clipped, we back tracked along the line of sight and there was a clear strike mark on a branch no bigger than your forearm! The branch was around 50 yards down range and I didn't even see it in the morning gloom!

    So lesson learnt - Although you can check most of the distance to the target you may not see all obstacles on the bullet arc. This was a first for me, lets hope it doesn't happen again.



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    Did similar when taking a shot at a young buck, the 50g 224 bullet struck a nettle stalk and blew up. Couldn't understand it until I got down on the hands and knees and found the broken stalk in front of where the buck was standing. . It doesn't take much.

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    Have done it twice, once a hazel branch with a lovely hole in it, and the rubber foot of a 18 inch bi pod, folded it away and forgot to retract the legs

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    I think we all must have done this.
    lesson learnt(for about the next 20 years that is)
    then shot a rock five yards in front of me.

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    Once shot my wing mirror with an air rifle, leaning out the side doing this.
    a long time ago mind.....young and stupid!

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    Quote Originally Posted by badbob View Post
    I think we all must have done this.
    2 clients with "clean misses" last year

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Had one exactly like the second pic above, on John Archers ground, found pins but no blood, searched for most of the rest of the day to make sure it was clean away.
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    Had an idea I wasn't the only one. Some interesting scenarios there.

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    I've done variations of this once or twice...

    Most memorable was shooting over (or, as it turned out, through) late summer grass.

    Very still, hot day in August. Failed to take into account the fact that the barrel is a couple inches lower than the sight, so the bullet hissed through the pollen loaded tips of the grass. Very clear 'wake' of pollen kicked up as it passed, and the bullet quickly diverged from true and headed well clear of the roe buck. Was fascinating to clearly see what it was doing - it seemed to quite gracefully curve off to the right.

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    I did have a round that seemed to behave a little strangely when zeroing, so after checking there wasn't a problem at the rifle end I walked down range to check the target. About half way there was a load of feathers. That was one unlucky sparrow to be flying across at precisely that moment!

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