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Thread: Nothing Fancy.

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    Nothing Fancy.

    Just keeping it simple 3lb of diced Fallow Pricket , one large onion and a punnet of mushrooms all browned off in the frying pan.
    Bit of salt/pepper and last but not least one can of Guinness into the slow cooker over night.
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    That looks delicious. Maybe I will try it and add a bit of cream for richness at the end...

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    Left over night in the slow cooker. Separate the venison from the meat juices and add a few teaspoons of bisto to make the gravy.

    Make the pastry from sainsburys , line pie dishes, add cooled meat and then cooled gravy. Fit top of pie, egg wash and eat.
    I bet our Malcolm never knew I had a creative streak eh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarlet View Post
    and add a few teaspoons of bisto to make the gravy.
    Aaargh! You were doing so well until then!
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    In my defence they were teeny weeny teaspoons and they were added to the original Guinness/meat juices
    Anyhow change the subject. Do you like the granite work tops,lol

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