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    Nv scope

    Hi there I currently got a zeiss scope on my 243 but need a side parallax scope ,are vortex any good because Il be stalking with it aswell the nv is an add on thanks

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    Sightron S-Tac are one of the best for Digital nv add on. Not tried Vortex. Have a look on the Night Vision Forum.

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    To an extent, it depends what add on - but I have seen Vortex work very well. There aren't many scopes that don't. All I would say is check minimum parallax values as this could have a material impact on you getting a clear image at closer ranges.
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    +1 on the S-Tac - far and away the best scope I've ever used with an NV add-on
    I seem to remember one of the guys on the NV forum trying an add on with a Vortex Viper PST scope and it failing miserably.



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