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Thread: Vacuum Packers

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    Vacuum Packers

    Ladies / Fellas

    I'm in the market for a vac packer and need your advice as which one to buy?

    My funds are limited to only buying once i.e. [within limits] say upto £200 ish but I have heard stories of some being not so good. It will be used for home use of harvested game and deer and the breakdown of BBQ bulk purchases etc

    So what do you use? Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Cheers RF

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rangefinder View Post

    My funds are limited to only buying once i.e. [within limits] say upto £200 ish but I have heard stories of some being not so good.
    i think you may of missed a '0' off your funds

    personaly now if i had not gone down the route of buying the cheeper home use versions of Vac-Pacs, i probably would of saved up for a good second hand commercial one
    expensive, yes
    but in the long run if you do enough, then the time saved and cost of bags will pay off in the long run as these 5m & 10m rolls are not cheap, plus you hav to spend cutting bags from them and that is quite time consuming
    or you buy the bags which will cost you more
    the other way is see if your local butchers has one and throw Him/Her a few quid or swapsy of venison to use theirs
    definately a route worth looking at, as £200 don't buy much these days

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    Stone is spot on, you need another zero to get even a half decent 2nd hand machine. To be honest, unless you wish to keep meat chilled but fresh for as long as possible then a vac packer offers few advantages to the domestic user. If you are mainly freezing stuff as soon as it is packed then good quality freezer bags are fine. Don't forget also that a vac packer requires expensive bags and annual servicing. JC

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    Hi i have a £30-£50 vac packer & do about 30 roe a year on it from burgers/sausages/mince/cube/fillet etc & dose what i need. We have a LIDL packer as well but not tryed it yet. Ok i dont vac-pack like an industrial packer but dose what i need to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rangefinder View Post
    I'm in the market for a vac packer and need your advice as which one to buy?
    There was a thread on here about a year ago:

    But I note that there was another thread more recently that seemed to favour overwrappers over vac packers, and that you could get a 2nd hand overwrapper relatively cheaply/easily...? Ah, here it is:

    Might help with your decision-making...

    I'm thinking of getting the Eiffel vac packer as I want it to vac pack veggies from the allotment as well as any venison - an overwrapper is no good for that and I only have room for one machine...


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    Re vacuum machines

    I bought a Lava german model 300 vac machine 3 years ago and it is the dogs danglers for aging roe in the fridge.
    Cost me 360 euros then and I saw last week that Frankonia in Würzburg Germany were selling them off for 250 euros.

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    Thanks all especially Pippa, I thought I read about them here a while back but I couldn't find the thread so thanks again.

    I want it to pack for the freezer, I understood they are better than plain bags [which I have used for twenty odd years] but thought it time to upgrade especially as I got the CinC naval home command [aka my darling wife] to fund half of it as I had managed to convince her it was good for the home too.

    V-Max, whats the details of your packer please?

    Stone cheers bud £2000 holy C*W that much. I don't do that much to warrant a beast like that.

    BB Do you use yours for freezer work? or for just aging deer in the fridge? Do you have a link to the german site? It might be worth a look.

    Thanks again keep it coming.


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    Get one of these mate:
    I've put so many deer through mine with no problems and it still works fine.
    The best bit is that it has a removable capsule which traps any 'juices' that get sucked in which can be easily cleaned.
    For 200 quid you can get the Pro machine and a lot of rolls!
    The rolls are great as you can cut them to the size required, hence minimal waste. The machine is not much bigger than an office laminator either and packs away small and easy. Commercial machines are great - if you operate commercially!
    This machine is adequate for production up to small farm shop level I reckon.
    If mine ever does break, I'll get another, as this one already owes me nothing.

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    just been looking at one of those today
    seems like they ain't a bad machine after all

    just take a look at this link

    watch the vid at the bottom of the listing of said item

    this shows a bit of how it is done and this has a built-in cutter , not sure if any other models hav the same bag cutting techniques, as i hav always used a hand held cutter
    just need to source a cheaper supplier for bags now and away you go

    this is why i use the over wrapper more,
    mainly for speed, presentation and cost

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    I have one of these-http://

    The good thing is you can clean it by sucking disinfectant through the pump if any blood gets sucked in.

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