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Thread: Budget scope recommendations

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    Budget scope recommendations

    Hi All,

    After I dropped my Bushnell elite on a rock, it seems to still be able to maintain zero, but doesn't track well any more.
    I'm therefore starting to look for a replacement scope and considering the following options:

    1) Minox ZV 3-9x50 (180)
    2) Weaver Classic K 6x38 (180)
    3) Hunt for a used Meopro 6x42 (200) (or even wait a while and get a new one) (340)

    I have Minox binos which I am very happy with, but Weaver is a much simpler scope for the same price so I'd expect its quality to be a bit better (plus it's made in Japan).

    Does the Meopta Meopro have a huge advantage on the Weaver?

    I've got a feeling that sooner or later this scope will meet a rock just like its predecessor so reluctant to fork out a lot of cash...

    Thank you for any advice!

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    Don't know about the rest but I use two Meopta 6x42s and they are great scopes.

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    Meopta everytime
    they come up on ebay regularly

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    I have a Meopta 7 x 50 mm 25 mm tube for sale if that's any good ? Looking for 180 it's in good condition.
    reiver xxv

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    I have a Meopta 6x42 that I'm going to be selling. The optics are brilliant but has a few cosmetic marks on the tube. It will be under 200

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    The Weaver K6 6x38mm is a simple and solid scope which has been around a long time. I have Weaver scopes from the 1950s and 1960s on vintage sporting rifles, which are very good for my needs.

    The Leupold 6x42 is a very good scope, too, but more expensive, between the Weaver K6 and the Meopta 6x42 in price.

    If you are like variables, look at a Vortex Diamondback 3-9x40 with duplex or their BDC reticle, about $200 here in the USA. Since you liked your Bushnell, try the Bushnell Legend HD 3-9x40 with side parallax adjustment, about $150 discounted price - very sharp.

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    the meopta will be a good choice and if you can get a 7x50 that would be even better in my eyes

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    Nikkon are very good value for money. Could be worth a look.

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    meopta 7x50 like the one above s/h upto 180

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    Agree with a meopta 7x50.
    Was my first stalking scope and i'd certainly have another one!

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