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Thread: Bathroom hand rail, fitting advice

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    Bathroom hand rail, fitting advice

    This is probably as far from deer stalking as you can possibly get but I'm hoping that someone will have the appropriate advice or experience.

    I have just ordered this piece of kit

    to fit in my bathroom for my wife. I suspect from the possible leverage issues that it would be better served with something more substantial than my usual brown rawl plugs and 2" no8 screws. It will be installed on a tiled, single skin brick wall. I would be incredibly grateful if anyone who has fitted something similar or has first hand experience of the appropriate fixings for such an item could point me in the right direction of what would be best to use. I'm fairly practical and have the appropriate tools etc, I just don't know what would be the most secure fixing.

    i don't want to sound like I'm asking for my cake and eating it, but if possible, I'd be really grateful if any answers could be from anyone who has/does install equipment similar to this please.

    many thanks in advance


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    Hi, assuming that the brickwork is sound, and was properly built, then you would be best off using some M6 stainless steel bolts and a resin anchor system like the Hilti H I T product. I use Hilti all of the time, thing is, you would need an applicator kit and they are expensive. I think that places like screw fix and so forth do copies of the Hilti H I T system that can be applied with an ordinary skeleton gun.
    Whatever you do do not use expanding bolts, they are not meant to go into brickwork, only concrete, and would damage your wall and tiles. If the tiles on your wall were fitted in the last 10 to 15 years then you may find that they are porcelain, if so, then you will need a TCT or Diamond drill bit to get you through the tile before using your m8 drill bit for the resin and M6 bolts.
    By all means pm me if you need any further advice.

    Kindest regards, Olaf

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    I have installed these in a commercial environment in similar circumstances. I thru bolted the wall with 8mm stainless hex head bolts and used a piece of 150x300mm 1.2mm stainless as a back plate on the outside of the building. Maybe overkill, but it hasn't budged a mm in 8 years !!

    The Chemset resin anchor components available from screwfix (as mentioned above) are easy to use. Just remember to get all of the dust out of the hole.

    Measure twice, fix once.

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    Hi Legolas, I too have fitted many such devices through my line of work and both the above posts are spot on.

    ATB Lee

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    Thank you very much for the feedback chaps, much appreciated!

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