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Thread: Mature Fallow Buck Movements

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    Mature Fallow Buck Movements

    So, I keep seeing this mature Fallow buck with a group of does and its now Feb! Could he of been pushed out of the main buck group nearby?

    Has anyone else seen this?


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    Sometimes if you have a settled group of Fallow a buck will stay with them for most of the winter, he has probably been with them since the rut and was just hanging around in case any late does come into season, if there is a pricket or two within the group you will probably find they will drift off sometime.

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    Have got a group of over one hundred near me (in a sanctuary area,where nobody shoots) there are two mature bucks and a couple of sorrels in amongst the does.
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    I was out yesterday on one of my permissions and there was a mature buck with around 40 does together. I see them mixed together throughout the year.

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    The buck is still capable of filling a doe until he casts. The question is, are there any does still coming into oestrus & if so WHY?
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