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Thread: Trophy scales

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    Trophy scales

    Now the roe buck season is here and in full swing i wondered what SD members were using to get an accurate weight for there trophy heads and if spring or electronic was more popular.
    After a couple of recent inacuracies with my scales i have decided to retire them to the bin and splash out on a new set as i would like to add all antler weights to my records for a yearly comparison.
    Does anyone know what the cic guys are using/recomending these days and are they readily available off the shelf.
    Any sugestions apreciated

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    digital scales from argos they weigh in grams and ounces 15


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    cic in scotland use UWE HS-3000 for roe deer, country scales group, langley mill, nottinghamshire do them.
    99 + vat.

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    Daverl is right; our standard scale is the UWE 3000. Be aware however that the certified version is considerably more than the 99 that csgonline sell, but that is not necessary for ordinary use.


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    I have 3 altogether.

    1. Salter 900 gramm letter scale Model 511. [red].

    2. Pedsola 500 gramms. [black].
    3. Pedsola 1500 gramms. [blue].

    Pedsolas made by Oscar Ludi & Co.,
    4000 Basle 2.

    The good news is that all three show the scull and antlers as 500 gramms.

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    Just get the cheap ones as the cic boys from scotland get it wrong with there type counting is not there forte

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