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Thread: Beside the weekends pigeon shoot....

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    Wink Beside the weekends pigeon shoot....

    A little write up about the weekend, just slightly about the pigeon shoot....

    When approaching my stand, I had this feeling in my gutts and needed an emergency exit to get out of my pants and drop a huge load in a little ditch, lovely situated in an hedgerow...
    Man, that was just in time and ....

    The locals were well informed about this pigeon shoot, mainly to keep their horses in.

    My mate told me about a lady, who always takes a ride along my stand and doesnt care about us shooting at all....

    Oh, I forgot, a couple of meters away from my drop zone laid the rests of a roe carcass, killed on the road, very rotten, creamy and smelly....

    So, after that eruptic event, I settled in on my stand, about 100 meters away from this biohazardous zone, and yes, I checked the wind several times and started hunting....

    A while later I spotted two Jack Russell Terriers escorting the lady on her horse...👀

    Then one of the dogs disappeared in the hedgerow and took a lovely bath in the roe carcass, rubbing and rolling around in this extraordinary parfume.

    The lady called the little stilnky monster back and was obviously not amused about what she saw and smelt.

    By that, the other one took his chance for a little excursion towards...You know what...

    Next I saw was the little *******, called "Jackie", taking a dive in and through my so lovely covered and well hidden remains.

    It came back out of cover, with a very obvious color chance of its skin and hair. I guess, the smell might have changed also, the only thing which wasnt on it, was some paper tissue...

    I tell you, by now I could hardly find my breath...😂😂😂😂
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Good to see them being kept under control

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    thanks I needed a laugh made my night and a mental picture that I have got of the woman's face on recalling her shat hound

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