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Thread: Watched a Roe buck last night

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    Watched a Roe buck last night

    Decided to pop out for the last hour of light last night to try and catch up with a troublesome fox. Set my self up in a simple lean to highseat which in sited against an oak tree, itself 60 yards away from the wood edge and surrounded by wheat. The dog was sat below and to one side.

    After ten minutes or so I see a roe buck coming across the wheat field heading back to the wood. He past 10 yards away from the foot of the highseat before seeing the dog, curiosity got the better of him so he looped round so he was stood directly below me, between the ladder and the tree. At this point he was about 2 yards from the dog, who I guess was wondering why the buck had not dropped dead yet (I already have venison in the fridge). Still not sure the buck retreated and came aruound the back of the trunk. At this point it was too much for my hound who stood up and took a pace forward, electric reaction from the buck but he only ran thirty metres before stopping and looking again, with plenty of barking into the bargain before he decided discretion was the better part of valour and trotted off into the wood.

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    No doubt he was congratulating himself on a job well done thinking, "Pah, canines.....that showed HIM!"
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Driving back to Thetford the other evening happened to glance into the fields adjacent to the A11 (Elevedon side) and there was 10-12 Roe on initial inspection. Pulled the truck over and decided to glass them with my new bins. They started to wander in my direction getting closer and closer, and then all at once decided that they were going to cross over, counted 15 at this point, if I hadnt had been there and started waving franticly at a fast approaching car he would have ploughed into them. All 15 across none injured no accidents and all within 20 yds of where I was standing, now that got the heart racing...... And to top it off once across they continued to graize in the field no more than 50 yds away. Why am I never this lucky when out stalking...

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