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Thread: Frustration ,Females n outfoxing a Fox

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    Frustration ,Females n outfoxing a Fox

    With much wondering i drove down to Malcs in Sussex in torrential rain and 50mph side winds thinking this weather,s going to wreck my weekend .Thankfully by Gatwick the rain stopped and arrived well in time at Malcs for a cuppa n meet up.Set out with Tom for a new high seat surround by railroad tracks of deer slots like the east coast main line for Roe .Well 3 frustrated Deerless hours later at dark o clock Tom picked me up ,back to the Bothy.Rod down for his level 2 had shot a Roe doe there was 2 others in the larder so i was still hopeful of a Sunday Roe.It absolutely chucked it down till about 4.30 am soaking everywhere.6 am Ash n his m8 arrived from Lincolnshire ,followed by Tom much handshakes and off we went.Malc took me here there n all over the estate ,slots n dung everywhere but no sightings,we were both getting well frustrated then bingo or so we thought .Out of the woods it came blooming big dog fox ,not a doe as we glass it Malc goes oh bugger 3 does get up from the front gardens of the estate houses behind us and leg it across the front of the houses and the next field so no safe shot.Then Reynard runs back through the woods weaving in and out the hedgerow well with no more than his teeth Malc calls the fox in about 60yds.Up sticks fix in the S n B cross hairs and 105 gr of R.W.S lands spot on .Reynard runs about 20 yds before his brain says your done and down he goes.My first fox with a rifle and not a bad sized first.Thanks again to Malc and Tom for a great weekend with good friends
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    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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