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    Hi, my name is Simon and I am based in Norfolk. Been shooting targets for a few years, relatively new to stalking. I've got a .270 for deer.

    Great site, lots of very interesting posts and useful information.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome Simon, lots of good ideas, tips and contacts to be made on here. Using a .270, does that mean you are hoping for the larger species????
    Cheers Jerry

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    Hi Jerry, that's a good question. Being a novice I was very much dependant on advice from others when deciding what calibre to go with. The choice seemed to be between .243, .270 and .308. I have a friend who stalks with a .270 and recommended it. I wanted something that would cover me for all species. I thought that the .243 might be a little light for larger deer. The .270 is flatter than the .308 so I decided I would buy a second hand rifle and see how I got on with it. I have put a S&B 8 x 56 on it (which I appreciate has some compromises being fixed magnification) but I have stalked with one several times on a .243 and got on well with it.

    What is your view of the .270?

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    Hi Simon. Welcome to the site.
    I've got a .22, .17hmr and a .270. The .270 gets more use than the other 2 . It gets used for long (ish) crows, foxes and roe and reds. Had a .243 wssm previously and found it a wee bit light for stags.
    I've found Norma 110gr ballistic tips work best in mine. Fast and flat.


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    Thanks for the tip on the bullet weight. I've got some Federal 130grn at the moment. I have got a reloading press and at some point will roll some of my own. Be interesting to experiment and see what works.

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