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Thread: New "Reveal XR" from seek thermal imaging - opinions

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    New "Reveal XR" from seek thermal imaging - opinions

    Guys I came across this when searching around on thermal imaging stuff. This company has a small range of thermal imagers and started out making iphone add-ons. This new unit is aimed at our market (stalking) and is projected to be released in the spring.

    It has an alleged range of 1100 feet and is going to retail for just $445. whaddya think?

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    Crunching the numbers the guy quotes on the video shows that the actual resolution of the sensor is approx 200 x 160 pixels.
    That's much worse than the "standard" 384 x 288 pixels used in the Pulsar and Guide thermals
    The sensors in the Pulsar and Guide thermals have more than 3 times as many pixels as the Seek XR - and the more pixels you have the sharper the image will be
    The field of view numbers he quoted imply that the lens only has a focal length of about 10mm - the Pulsar and Guide thermal commonly used for our purposes have at least a 38mm lens and preferably a 50mm lens
    In other words the Seek XR does not have any magnification
    Finally, although he doesn't say it, the refresh rate on any of these exported to the UK will be limited to 9Hz which makes the video extremely jerky.
    All in all I wouldn't bother with it - save your pennies for a "real" thermal



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    Granted it's not going to be a good as the pulsar and guide thermals but it's a lot cheaper....
    Im wondering if it would actually be any good in practice, maybe for finding shot munties in brambles etc?
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    Yeh, it might be useful for close range seeking of fallen animals, but as a confirmed user of Flir, I think it has a distinct disadvantage! When viewing through a monocular type you have a good idea of the direction and distance to your animal, you can see trees etc in woodland in your thermal and by relating this view to reality you get a good idea of the animals position in/through vegetation etc. I think it would be more difficult to relate a small screen view to reality. Hope this is helpful
    I completely endorse Bruce's comments about pixels, range and refresh rate. I think it would be a waste of money. Cheers Jerry

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    Anybody got one of these yet ????? I would be looking to retrieve so don't need the likes of Flir and Pulsar.

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    I've just ordered one to try it out. If its no good it can go back! ill give you an update when it arrives


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    optics warehouse hve them in stock they are claiming the refresh rate is higher I believe.

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    Having looked at the one advertised in optic warehouse it appears to be a higher spec than the one in the video! Any body else have any opinions?
    I would be interested in Sabian 223's report on how he gets on with it. If it can see heat out to 275m then it could come in handy looking for a shot animal that runs into cover.

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    That's the main reason for being interested in the unit. I've ordered it from optics warehouse and it's the fastframe 30hz version. Everything else in this category is less than 9hz. If I can detect a heat source out to 300 yard thats great but I imagine it will mainly be within 100-200 yards. I work as an insulation / renewables inspector so it should come in handy for work also! I'll keep you all posted.

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    To be honest, I'd keep your money for a better a unit, these are pretty poor..

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