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    Hi to all you likeminded people out there . I live close to Loch Lomond and have been shooting for over 50 years now . I started off with a BSA Cadet in 177 and have progressed over the years to shotguns and centrefires . My current deer rifle is aTikka T3 in 25.06 . I enjoy most forms of shooting from game and clays to rats with an air rifle , Red and Roe are my normal quarry when stalking . Being retired allows me to enjoy my hobby to the full with no worries about work getting in the way . That is the short version , I'm off now to wander round the Forum.

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    Welcome Granville, you live in a lovely part of the country, no shortage of stalking opportunities I bet!

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    Hi Grenville, Welcome to the SD mate, great place to be... Love yer forum name....I was out your way this afternoon...well Alexandria at least...saw a good few beasts ( Roe) on the way out from Buchlyvie...

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi Jezza, hope you don't mind me just using yor first name , calling you Jezza308 seems to be a bit too formal. You are correct it is a lovely part of the country and I am fortunate to have access to a wide variety of shooting . This being the west of Scotland means that sometimes it might be best to use a speargun and wetsuit . The good thing about this forum is that no matter how bad the weather in your own area you can join someone else on their outings . Wish I had joined years ago and tapped into this wealth of knowledge . Well enough of my ramblings , catch you soon , Grenville

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    Hi Norrie1956 , we are close it seems geographically and in age if 1956 is your year of birth. I beat you by 6 years if that is the case . Not something I'm going to boast about . You are correct , from what I've seen SD looks really good and I am enjoying finding my way round . Thanks for the kind words of welcome and I hope to catch you soon. Grenville

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