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Thread: Tracer ledray ir torch

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    Tracer ledray ir torch

    Hi has anyone used 1 of these?
    I'm told that they are ok with a photon.

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    Get a BlackSun T20 from Clive Ward at Night Vision Store Black Sun B20 IR illuminator
    It's a lot cheaper than the Tracer LED ray and about 5 times brighter.



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    I got the tracer one. It works well.

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    T20 Black Sun +1

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    I had a Tracer torch and the solder on the back of the LED came away, so i phoned them for a replacement bulb, as it wasent very old,i was prepared to buy the it
    and they said we dont sell bulbs, just go and buy a new torch ,they dident want to know, now after that i will never buy a Tracer product again.

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