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Thread: FAC Grant with Co. Durham - timing?

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    FAC Grant with Co. Durham - timing?

    Any ideas/experience of general turnaround times for FAC grant with durham constabulary?


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    My original grant 18 months ago took nearly 16 weeks however my variation was done earlier this year in 48 hours

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    Here's hoping it's the latter then!

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    Don't hold your breath!

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    Why not ring them and ask ?
    Better than speculation and a deadline they shouldnt break. If its a ridiculously long time ask if it could be done sooner (medical form crops up here) as, although its a first grant and thus likely to be longer, guidelines seem to suggest etc etc.
    Good luck

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    Was told "up to 60 days". Not sure if this is the standard or worst case though. Not panicking (yet), just interested. It's only been 10 days.

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    It should be within 8 weeks so its manageably longer than by 4 days - seems reasonable, certainly compared to Thames Valley.

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