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Thread: Syndicate places available

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    Syndicate places available

    I have two places available in a small (approximately 105 hectares) syndicate in South Lanarkshire. This is a small, friendly, non profit syndicate. If you want to stalk unaccompanied you will need to have achieved DMQ Level 1. Price is expected to be in the 450-500 region per syndicate member.

    Please do not post in the thread, just use the PM function.

    Please send me a PM with a short 'shooter's CV' where you will detail your level of experience (all levels of experience are welcomed, no preference on that), and a few details about yourself you consider relevant.

    Those shortlisted will be contacted with more details, and arrangements will be made for you to visit the syndicate ground so you can be shown around and meet the existing members.

    Thanks for looking

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    All places filled now. Thanks for looking.

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