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Thread: Africa might be calling...

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    Africa might be calling...

    I have been stalking deer in the UK for 10 years now. I am lucky, get to visit Scotland a couple of time a year an have a nice little permission in Suffolk. The odd foray out with others around the country. I average about 30 deer a year.

    A few trips abroad, Izard in the Pyrenees, Moose in Lapland a Boar in Italy over the years, but now I have a bit of a hankering to go a bit further afield - Africa.

    Probably plains game only first trip. Possibly a management cull. Namibia looks favourite, but I wouldn't rule out SA, especially with the Rand as it is. Just want to get a feel for the sport and the place. An experience rather than a trophy hunting expedition, that's not really my thing. Springbuck, Impala, Blue Wildebeast, Kudu perhaps.

    I don't want to go to a little fenced 10,000 acre farm, I want to experience the real Africa. The stalking needs to be challenging and on foot with a PH who has a sense of humour as well as being very experienced. I don't need 5 star accommodation, more than happy to camp. Any recommendations from those who have done it all before?

    Not sure about calibre either. Doubt my 280AI will be up to it. A .338 is probably more than man enough, but should I go .375, just in case? What would people recommend?

    Thanks for the help.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    I'd think that your .280 and Barnes 120's would be perfectly adequate for kudu & wildebees etc. Definitely no need for bigger calibre.

    The Eastern Cape and Karoo in SA are beautiful places.

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    If you like proper stalking put bushbuck at the top of your list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by takbok View Post
    I'd think that your .280 and Barnes 120's would be perfectly adequate for kudu & wildebees etc. Definitely no need for bigger calibre.

    The Eastern Cape and Karoo in SA are beautiful places.
    Are you kidding! The African beast are built like brick s**t houses. 300 win mag at least preferably more. What did Dirty Harry say, you can never have too much gun. I took my 416 Rem Mag and was pleased that I did.

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    I took my .270, using 150gr soft point - perfectly adequate if you put it in the right place.

    Your best bet is to have a look on:

    On there you will find a wealth of information and outfitters from all over Africa to answer your questions.

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    I must say I have shot plenty with the 30.06 in Africa, but, even from the first visit I needed more gun. Thus the .416 was purchased.
    Dodgyrog is right, the African animals are bloody tough. I would have thought something like a 338 would be fine - and certainly one of the PH's carried one - but you maybe might as well just go for .375. A 416 Remington Mag - like dodgy's is not actually a proper rifle. It has to be a Rigby. Hahahahaha!!!
    Have fun, and good hunting.

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    Thanks for all the advice guys. Has a feeling the 280 might be a little under gunned. Like shooting a Red Stag with a 22-250, it works if you get it in the right place, but it's not ideal.

    Was hoping I might get a few personal recommendations on Outfitters/PH's. I have read a lot on the Africanhunting forum and looked at a lot of websites, but they all claim to be wonderful so you just end up going with the best salesman, which quite often doesn't turn out as planned.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Your PH will let you know what he expects and if you turn up with a rifle that he feels is inadequate then you will not use it. .375 is a great all rounder and ammunition is readily available at sensible cost almost everywhere in Africa. Use enough gun but avoid the 458s that the Americans seem to take along then shut their eyes when they fire as they are frightened of it! You are far better off taking only a couple of quality beats with a reputable PH than joining a 'management' hunt with a couple of dodgy Boers. Budget 3.5 - 5k and make the first trip truly memorable

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    Nigel, I've hunted in South Africa a few times and I'm out again in June. Your .280AI will be fine for all the plains game including Wildebeast and Kudu.

    Just make sure you use a good bonded bullet or my favourite Barnes TSX's, and that you're good with your shot placement. Check out Robertson's books/DVD,

    Perfect Shot Shot Placement For African Big Game: Kevin Robertson: 9781571571632: Books which are a great aid.

    Oh and make sure you're well practised at shooting from sticks.

    Above all, go for it and have a great time.

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    Nigel, I have hunted Africa numerous times in the past years, taking Buff, Elephant and most of the plains game. Your 280 will be fine for plains game, just use a heavy bullet. I took my 25.06 one year and shot Black Wildebeest with 120g problem. Don't forget its all about bullet placement no matter what you hunt.

    There are a number of guys on here advertising and I would think any of them will do you a good deal. Don't forget that culling packages and trophy hunting are priced accordingly and a good benchmark Trophy bull Kudu is 50" plus, with 3 good solid curls to the horn and nice ivory tips.

    See you soon.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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