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Thread: A wander round Wiltshire.....

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    A wander round Wiltshire.....

    I went for my fortnightly fix of Wiltshire stalking a couple of days ago with a very good mate,we tend to take it in turns to have each other over,and,it was my turn.He was desperate to get me on a Buck as we had blanked on a couple of ocaasions on his land,but,when he came down my end I managed to drop in straight on a Buck each time(he is a lucky bugger).Anyway,we went to a place that I hadn't been on before.....well part of a place I hadn't been on,and it is always nice to stalk new ground,it was a beautiful evening,but as we pulled into the gateway,we spotted a tractor in the field we were going to start off in,and,he was spraying,so,that was that!! We went onto the other side of the road,where there was a big field of rape,and we both glassed the field from the gateway and saw nothing,so we entered the rape field and started to walk along a tramline towards the part of the farm that we thought would be favourite.We hadn't gone more than 50yds when I gave my mate a Psst...And we both froze like statues,there in the same tramline albeit on a bit of a bend was a young Buck,and he had already seen us and froze himself,I deployed the sticks,and slipped the rifle from my shoulder into place,but,all I could see was his head,but,he was rigid trying to work out exactly what we were no doubt,so,I placed the crosshairs on his face and in line with the top of his neck,and he fell like a stone.5 mins gone and one in the bag already,the mandatory shaking of hands took place followed by the gralloch..........

    And here is a pic of the exit wound just below the atlas joint(instantaneous death)........

    We carried on after dropping the beast back to the truck as we were still so close,unfortunately however I try to dress it up,we didn't have any more luck even though I think we both thought we would at least have seen a few more,although my mate did actually see a Buck while sat out in the gloamin in front of a wood,but nothing to carry back,never mind they will be there for next time.


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    Well done mate.
    I trust you are keeping well.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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