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Thread: Finally..wintery weather in Scotland.....Perfect

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    Finally..wintery weather in Scotland.....Perfect

    I think today is about the 4th decent beautiful winters day since Nov 15 in central Scotland.

    Clear skies, snow on the hill tops, 3 degrees, big winter sun..... Tons of deer out at dusk!

    Thats tomorrow mornings activity sorted then!

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    Sounds great, winter sun here today and 4c tonight - only ducks on the pond - no deer in the garden - I need to go out again soon.

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    Saw lots of deer in the fields on my way home tonight.

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    Was up in the Borders last weekend, very wet & windy lots of snowdrops in flower, pigeon egg shells on the forest floor & very mild. A few deer about, some very impressive bucks and a doe in my chiller. Had a definite late spring early summer feel to it. Now it's going to deal a harsh blow to the wildlife that won't know what season is coming next

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