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Thread: disturbance in the force

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    disturbance in the force

    This has probably been asked before but can someone shed some light on it please,,,,obvious answer is yes but ,,,does forestry work disturb roe deer,,,or any deer for that matter enough to shift them on or will they tolerate it and sort themselves out again or just move to new blocks or replant on the same ground once all the mature trees have gone,,,,,doug,

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    Doesn't seem to bother them that much too be honest. Once an area has been clear felled and new growth coming through, the roe use it no problem.


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    cheers for that ,only had a ride up at weekend to find a few weeks work of mature trees left on there ,loads of new stuff just wasn,t sure if they would take to that instead, good news for buck season i hope,,thanks atb doug,

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    They'll be back on quicker than you think. In the past I have shot roe does on racks being thinned by chainsaw operators.

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    Thank you, the processer said he had seen them clearing off over next doors ,,but i was hoping they would be coming back,,doug,

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    Roe Deer are too inquisitive to stay away for long!

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    Its been quite a few years since i was on the forest floor with a cutting gang, but recall many occasions when i'd look up whilst cutting to check felling zone were clear and have deer (roe in particular) standing just 40 odd yards off just watching!

    Early re-gen/re-stock after a clear fell is usually very productive too, although when it gets up to thicket stage i find the staking drops off a bit.. deer are still there just a lot more difficult to get an approach..

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    i actually find that a bit of clear felling is very good not just for seeing them but attracting them!

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    The Roe will stay put and adapt. Thinning and restocking usally boosts the productivity of the forest floor and a this will attract deer . I spend most of my spare time culling deer in advance of clear fells and after restocking and no matter how many I shoot the lure of the fresh habitat keeps pulling more in.

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