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Thread: CZ 455 .17hmr thumbhole 16"

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    CZ 455 .17hmr thumbhole 16"

    Decided that it is time for my .17hmr to make way for a .22lr ( due to indoor range not being licenced for .17hmr velocity). My CZ 455 has had about 350 rounds through it and has been cleaned after every use with a model specific bore guide, nylon brush and wipeout.
    The trigger has been lightend with a trigger kit and can be abjusted from about 1lb to 3lb and has had creep removed. I will include the rest of the springs and shimes. The bolt has been polished and is very smooth. Everyone who has tried rifle comments on how smooth it is and how crisp the trigger is.
    It will come with a SAK moderator that has been used on another gum and has some marks from stripping it down.
    The gun has 2 original magazines (5 shot each)
    Also comes with bipod in pictures, cant remember what it was, but was not cheap.
    Currently the rifle has a bushnell legend HD 4.5-15x44 scope. This is as clear as my vx3 leupold and is side focus, retailing at about 300 they are fantastic and you can easily see the .17 hmr bullet holes in paper at 100m.
    With the rifle i also have ecerything for cleaning, a possum hollow bore guide, a tipton carbon fibre cleaning rod, jag, nylon brushes and some unused copper ones. I also use an airrifle bore snake ( does not have a wire brush in it) as a patch at the end.
    Also have a nylon gun sling and swivels
    around 75 rounds of ammo to go with it if collected

    Prices- for everything 575
    Price with out scope 400

    Or make me sensible offers.

    In North Wales but will RFD at cost ( 25)

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    will do it for 350 with out scope
    or 525 with scope

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    scope now sold.

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    cleaning kit now sold
    offers on rifle with spare magazine and moderator

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    have the rifle with magazine and moderator still for sale, offers?

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    325 for rifle, moderator, sling and have a set of 25mm rings for a scope.

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    300 before it goes to the RFD as a trade in.

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