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Thread: Leica geovid HD-B which magnification

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    Leica geovid HD-B which magnification

    Hi guys, I am looking to take advantage of the group buy on the Leica Geovid Rangefinding HD-B binoculars, I am not exactly sure of which magnification to go for yet though, my choice would be either 8x42 or 10x42. I am hoping to look through both at the shooting show before deciding.

    Has anyone any personal experience of either or both maybe. If so I would appreciate what your recommendations might be. Also in low light conditions, is it likely that the 8x42 would be a bit brighter.

    They would be used over a variety of terrain and distances.

    many thanks.

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    You and me both!
    will be watching this with interest

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    I've got a pair of Duovid 8-12x42 at the moment, for what it's worth 99.9%,of the time I have them on 8x.
    Turning them up to 12x just restricts the field of view and the light so much more. It probably doesn't help you guys too much. But that's why I've gone for the 8x.

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    I bought a pair of 8x42 HD-R's last summer, I'm very disappointed with my purchase. I sold a pair of Swarovski 7x42 SLC's and a Leica LRF800 to fund the purchase. The Leica are no where near as good at first or last light as the SLC's ( I expected to lose a little due to 1x extra and having the range finder built in) but they are no where near as good as the Swarovski rangefinding binoculars. My other gripe is that the LRF gave out a very bright read out display whether it be day or night, however, the Leica binoculars only give out a good bright reading at first and last night. If you are ranging during the day you will struggle to see the display. I pointed this out to the Leica stand at last years CLA fair and they said they would take the information back to head office. They tried to range a white tent 200yds away and couldn't see the reading then ranged a load of trees and the read out was fine against a dark background.
    All the best 1995rs

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    Really sorry to hear of your disappointment.

    I have recently read a very indepth test comparing the Leica Geovid HD-B 8x42, the Swarovski El Range 8x42 and the Zeiss RF 8x45... Overall the Leica came out on top, Swarovski 2nd and Zeiss 3rd.

    The Swarovski had brighter optics and a bigger field of view, but had no ballistic calculator and so could not give any holdover values. The Zeiss had a bigger objective lens to boost the brightness of the image (45mm) to try to make up for it being poorer optically, as ranging through the one lens affected the optical quality noticeably. The Leica had the best laser and ballistic functions as well as being not far behind the Swarovski optically as noted in the tests.

    I tried a pair of new Swarovski Rangefinding binoculars in 10x42 last year and compared them directly to my older Zeiss victory 8x56B T*P* binoculars, in daylight conditions it was hard to pick which was optically better, but as the light faded the Swarovski's were no where near as good!..... My Zeiss has been great but are very heavy for me. I've just sold them now.

    I appreciate that 56mm may not be a fair comparison, but still there was a very significant difference, much more than I would have thought, especially when comparing brand new state of the art Swarovski's to an excellent but much older Zeiss model.

    I was hoping the Leica's would be not too far off the Swarovski's optically in real terms, but now realise that none of the RF binos would compare favourably to my big 56 mm Zeiss in low light, except for maybe the Leica 56mm.

    However, carrying that heavy 8x56mm Zeiss around , as well as carrying a dedicated Zeiss rangefinder is just too much kit to carry around for my personal liking, others may feel different of course.
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    As someone who's had a large and varied collection of optics, Leica's for bino's, Swaro's for scopes, & Zeiss for catch up.
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    i tried a pair of swaros

    two things struck me
    - the ergonomics - the lumps housing the RF mechanism looked like an afterthought and really got in my way
    - the read out was on an angle when the housing was adjusted for eye spacing
    fine if you held them maxed out for width

    optics are better than my eyes in both

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    I've had both and found the 8x42 more user friendly as far as I was concerned. I found the 10x had too much "shake" for me.

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    I have x10 in the original HD's and they are excellent. No issues at all with this mag and used for pretty well everything.


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    I'm tempted by the 8x56 HD-B but will wait to see what Swarovski is launching at IWA in March (which may not even be a rangefinder; no-one knows)...

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