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Thread: Wild boar stalking in the uk

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    Wild boar stalking in the uk

    I am looking for someone that could help me out with a day boar stalking in the UK. Can any one help?

    charlie 1

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    If someone offers you a days boar stalking, turn it down, you`d be better off a nights boar stalking

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    I think IanF ( ) is still offering boar in Devon / Dorset at each full moon - they are wrecking crops, hence shooting at this time of year.

    Ian and Jo have a great set up down there and are always worth a visit.


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    I will vouch for the above .
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    Try West1 on here, I think he may be able to help.

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    Hi Charlie,

    A bit south of Aberdeen, but we have a good number of Boar on the ground locally. PM me if I can be of help.



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    hi guys, the link shows some wierd webpage. Any other resource?
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