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Thread: Custom Tika 695 6.5x284 for sale

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    Custom Tika 695 6.5x284 for sale

    Last year I ordered TWO identical 6.5x284 to be hand built be gunsmith.
    They are both on Tika 695 actions that are glass bedded into Boyd thumb-hole stocks.
    The barrels are fluted and then Ceracoated as are the actions.
    They were both “run in” by gunsmith and then test fired.
    After settling in they both started to group very well.
    The best group for this gun being just over 1/4” at 100 yards the other was grouping just under 3/8” at the same distance.

    The rifle for sale has had about 55 rounds through it.

    So why am I selling? The purpose of these two rifles was to take one to USA (I am lucky to go to states twice a year for about 8-9 weeks in total)
    This way I would be using the same set up in both countries.
    Just take the scope with me and sight in and then I would have a rifle that I knew.
    That was before I started the process on getting the rifle into the states...
    to much trouble for what it was worth.

    Both are screw cut 1/2” X 20 UNF

    Photos by email only I can not do them on here.
    Space on ticket of course.
    Face to face deal unless you pay all RFD fees.
    Can travel from York to Rugby and all towns off A1 or M1.
    There is only one rifle for sale I am so pleased with mine I will not be selling.

    Unique chance to buy one really nice looking straight shooting rifle.

    I am asking 1850 ovno no px no silly offers please.
    This is a genuine rifle and genuine reason for selling.

    Thanks for looking all pm's will be answered .

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    Sounds nice, Who made the rifles?

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    Barrell Make, length and twist?

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    Thank you both for your posts.
    I have emailed the maker to ask if he minds me telling everyone he made them.
    He will also let me know the make of barrels and the twist etc.

    I am away down to the shooting show Friday morning coming back Sat eve,so no replies till Sunday.

    Thanks again

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    Quote Originally Posted by FantasticMrFox View Post
    Barrell Make, length and twist?

    They are LOTHER BARRELS with 8.5 TWIST the length is 28 inches .

    We did not finish the load development as the range was closing and the weather was very cold and wet.
    The gunsmith who made them did not give me permission to put his name up on here so I will pm you his name.
    But could I say a big thank you to him as the rifles are both equally as good as he told me they would be.
    I use the rifle that was grouping 3/8" as I was going to take the better gun to States...that is not going to happen!

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    Still for sale thanks to all that have pm'd for photos

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    What profile is the barrel

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