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Thread: The best UK DVDs on hunting/stalking/shooting?

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    The best UK DVDs on hunting/stalking/shooting?

    I want to put a package together for a friend in the US. What are your top DVD picks regarding hunting, stalking and shooting in the UK?
    Any recommendations welcome...

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    Hello, I know that Paul G. Taylor assisted with the making of 2 good DVD of Roe and Sika on his ground in Dorset and Hampshire but my copies are out on very long term loan(thinking about it it's a couple of years!) so I can't give you exact details. Contact Paul on 01305 848952 or Mobile 07966553185
    Hope this is useful, Cheers Jerry
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    I have several of the Hunter's Video DVD's. The one on Macnab shows some pretty impressive Scottish scenery, and obviously includes footage of red deer and grouse. I also have one with Andrew Robertson (?) on roe Buck stalking in Scotland that's pretty good.

    Just please don't send him any of the Extreme Deer Stalking DVD's that you can find on eBay, as I'd hate anyone to think stalking in the Uk is really like that

    Keep in mind that European DVD's are typically a different region format to US DVD's, so may not play on his DVD player.
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