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Thread: 6.5 bullets exp for sale

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    6.5 bullets exp for sale

    I am moving the 6.5 x47 to a target rifle so this is a list of hunting exp/mis for sale .

    NOW ONLY 165 X 130 gr HPBT # 1728 30:00 per x 100 or 45 the lot.

    100 x 120 gr Spitzer # 1720 25:00 per x 100 opened but counted correct.

    345 x 120 gr Nos BT Hunting #26120 20:00 per x 50 or 135 the lot SOLD

    They cost me more but hay ho .
    Will be at the shooting show For a F 2 F this SUNDAY 14th OR COLLECT MY home most mornings only exp certs please

    Thanks for looking
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    Bum im at the show Friday really want to try the Sierra HPBT 130gn am currently using the 140gn SPBT

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    Go sunday mty BULLETS HMMM there so shinny but as one of the other lads wishes 200 nos 120 I will be at the running deer range H4H PRACTICE lol on the 20th feb for a zeroing day on the 280 if that helps.
    if you say you won't them they will be held until that day same as anyone who wishes to collect that way.

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