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Thread: Bi-pod Harris swivel x2

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    Bi-pod Harris swivel x2

    I have invested in a Neopod bi-pod so hopefully if it's as good as I hope, then these shouldn't be needed.

    First is a 6-9 swivel base and this has been well used, has surface marks but still functions as it should, smooth legs genuine Harris. 60 posted

    next is a 9-13 swivel base excellent condition smooth legs genuine Harris, I would like 65 posted for this one. i can email pics if someone really wants but we all know what a Harris looks like.

    These will be availible early part of next week this is when my other is coming, if you are interested in one of these then please PM me,

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    How much for both, maybe we can come back o a deal on the ccm4 mod, waiting to pictures back from my rifle smith

    atb Matt

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    Both sold pending

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