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Thread: The wait continues....

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    The wait continues....

    Hi all,
    Put my initial grant application in 19th Nov, finally had the FEO visit 20th Jan. All went well with visit, FEO was very down to earth and we had a really good discussion about quite a few things. I sort of saw the visit as the big hurdle, the light at the end of the tunnel; it was what I had waited two long dreary months for, alongside a very drawn out house sale and subsequent purchase. Moved into my new house 22nd Jan, bolting the gunsafe to the wall was one of the first jobs.
    Two polite phone calls to Avon and Somerset later, I am still waiting for my tickets. Still a big backlog, currently signing off June applications. Renewals are currently a priority, initial grants come third after variations
    I have been advised to give them a bell in two weeks, please say it can't be much longer than that!!!!
    Having touched on this with the FEO on the visit, I understand the staffing issues; but like everyone else on this site, I am paying taxes for a substandard service. Along with 90% of initial grant applicants, I dare not make a fuss, in case my forms get 'lost, by accident' or slip to the bottom of the very large pile.
    On the bright side, at least it has stopped me impulse - buying the first rifle I see! (Savage Accustalker .243)
    In an imaginary fully staffed department, I would expect a month to be reasonable; from submission of forms to receipt of ticket. Thoughts anyone??

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    Yes. get used to it!
    I will say in fairness SWP arn't running that far behind at the moment, but I'm willing to bet there are other people around the country who are getting a worse service than you are. Sorry this doesn't help but this is a common problem.

    ATB Lee

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    I am on 9 weeks so far for a renewal, and I should imagine only half way through my wait. But it would be nice to be proved wrong

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    I must say, on the three occasions I have phoned them; to change address after house move etc. they have been quite apologetic and reassured me that I will be sorted in the end!
    Had the displeasure to spot the fox that has been taking the odd pheasant off my perm, broad daylight 2;45pm. Watched him scampering about while I held my useless 12 ft/lb air rifle with an ever tightening grip.
    Luckily they are creatures of habit, and I will hopefully sort him out with the .243 soon.
    Selling my house, buying another AND applying for FAC/SGC all at the same time was bound to be stressful I suppose

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    Hammo just think about getting that fox

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    They will always prioritise renewals for obvious reasons so grants generally take longer. A month after the FEO's visit is not (unfortunately) outlandish. Expect the little white envelope to land on the doormat any day soon. In the meantime be patient and remember you've got five years to find a rifle. Don't let your money burn a hole in your pocket. Spending the time to decide on and find the right rifle for you is small beer compared with the hassle of going through all the bureaucracy again because you've bought in haste and bought badly.

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    At least your not Essex, daughter put in for her first shotgun almost a year ago now, still nothing!!

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    Same old same old! I put in my renewal with request for an extra Moderator to South Staffs about 16 nov with expiry 16 jan. I applied for a section 7 a week before expiry but I am still unsure what I can and cannot do on a section 7. I have still not heard anything from them except a receipt. So its now almost 3 months, I know that making phone calls to them only slows up their work but I admit that I am sorely tempted to chase them. I suppose I must make allowance for the Christmas Hols slowing things.
    Still its not the quality of service we pay for with our cash and with taxes! Exasperated............ Jerry

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    As said before they want us to comply with conditions on our tickets, but it seems all one way traffic when it come to them and up here we have the air gun laws as well to comply with NIghtmare comes to mind.

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    Rang Avon and Somerset a fortnight ago, and was asked to give it two weeks and ring again. Quick call again today, and I'm still sat in the pile waiting final sign off. So close!!!!
    The FEO has to deliver the certs, as I've moved house and Cabinet location needs a look over. It seems that for Avon and Somerset, four months is a bit of a tipping point, so I should expect a call and visit from the FEO in a week or two.
    Might put in for my renewal when he comes round - hahaha!


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