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Thread: reloading question for a new starter

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    reloading question for a new starter

    Hello all i am just prepairing my .243 set up and was looking for a bit advice. I re sized my cases and just tried to set my seating die up. I measured a factory round that measured 2.626 overall length. I measured one from a friend that measures 2.695 so i tried adjusting my size to 2.640 as the hodgdon web site states (bearing in mind i get good groups with factory or my mates size & im not looking for bench rest results) anyway i tried to cycle these into my fifle and find them tight at the last point and on the down stroke of my bolt. the question is why?? ps i havent trimmed the case as i dont know what to trim it to ?thanks in advance for any replies

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    Sounds like a neck chamfer has been missed out?, I would see what Muir has to suggest. cases have to be trimmed to the recommended overall length or you won't chamber if the case has flowed forward. if you are stuck for the trim to length you can always get a view of the case drawing on Wikipedia.
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    yes i havent chamfered the neck as they are sitting at the post depot for me to collect tomorrow. will this make the difference?

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    Hi Mosa,
    Case length could be the problem, how many times have the cases been fired???

    Are you neck or full length resizing???

    If neck sizing and the cases are not fireformed for your chamber (previously fired in your gun) this will give you a tight fit..

    Hope this helps


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    As you state they are awaiting your collection, then you will need to full length resize & deburr/chamfer case mouths. Just realised you may be confusing overall loaded round dimensions, (magazine length) for brass case max length.
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    Since almost all reloading manuals have the cartridge specs therein, I'm assuming you don't have a manual?? If not, get one. If not, get a Lee Trimmer assembly. This will set the correct trim length for you and never need adjustment.

    Now, If you'd said that you trimmed the cases and then described the problem I'd say that your cases are probably not sized enough and if they chamber, go ahead and shoot. BUT! Since you have said that you didn't trim the cases, I'd either pull the loads or find a way to determine whether or not the case mouth is impinging into the rifling leade. Until you can rule that out, then there is a chance you have some very dangerous loads there. The condition I described can blow a rifle to bits.

    Never, ever, reload a cartridge case without being absolutely positive they don't exceed maximum length. Trimming is a must, not an option.~Muir

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    when i was testing them the cases were sized but not primered or loaded so i just split afterwards. I am picking up my lee trim tools up tomorrow although i have a trim die in my set but i dont understand what its for. i read breifly that any length of shell that pops through the top of the die needs filing off debured etc and that was that????is that right as seems to simple?

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    Yes. That is how the trim die works. The Lee trimmer is a better option. I use the Lee outfits for every caliber I can.~Muir

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    just done a quick check on my cases and all measure around 2.041

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