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Thread: an unpleasent visit

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    an unpleasent visit

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    This happened to a mate of mine with hants, the main thing is don,t contact your wife, write everything down, about the previous conversation regarding the solicitor, if she rings record it, don,t get into a conversation with her about it, make a appointment with the relevant police officers, explain that you understand that they have to carry out there job, and that you are willing to provide them with any information they require, ask them to inform your wife that from now on , all contact will be need to be arranged via your solicitor as you fear she may make further untrue allegations . Arrange for the police to have your guns stored at a local FAD as this will make it easier to either collect when it is sorted or you want to dispose of them.
    Why am I sayin all this ? Because my mate did all the opposite and it took him 3 years to get his license back. The initial complaint was found to be a lie, but due to his reaction after the police collected his guns, they felt a cooling off period was required.

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    keep your chin up do every thing by the book I feel for you at the time good look (bitch )
    Keep on going to the end you never no what's round the corner

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    There is some good advice from Taff at post #2. Stay calm, cooperate with the police investigate etc. Get good quality advice and act on it.
    I would add one other piece of advice: Ask admin to remove this thread, as a public forum is not a good place for such issues to be aired.

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    The same happened to me, she tried to provoke me into defending myself (she consistantly attacked me and I have the scars to prove it) when that failed she told the police I was dangerous and had guns in the house. Keep away from her have a diary and log any and all events and phone calls. If you have to have contact with her make sure you have independant witnesses with you or do it through your solicitor. It will all turn out ok in the end as it did for me, but it will take time. If there are any young children involved arrange through your solicitor to have regular access to them and check the children for any bruising or unaccountable marks on them. My kids aged 8 and 4 wanted to stay with me rather than live with their mother and her boyfriends. The lad was 9 when it all went to court and he made it plain he wanted to stay with me regardless and the judge had to agree. Result was I ended up with an overdraft and two young kids living with me I got my guns back and she had to pay maintenance for them. Just remain sqeaky clean avoid contact with her unless absolutely necessary and play her at her own game.
    PS. My lad is 25 now still lives with me and loves shooting, must have done something right.
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    I've just been through a nasty split with someone with depression/bi-polar , I knew straight away what she was capable of so one day when she was out I went home and took all my guns to a dealer and got a receipt which went in the safe in there place , fortunately she never carried out any of her threats !

    they are very weird creatures women.
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Lots of females of the specie have a common wiring fault, stress go's up , all power runs straight to earth ... been there long long time ago, another small consideration lower down the scale, have your firearms moved to private RFD storage or the stuff might not be serviceable when eventual return comes about.
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    The police have impounded the guns will they allow them to be transferred to an rfd?

    “If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

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    sorry to hear your news mate hope you can sort it sooner
    rather than later
    regards Pete

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragunov View Post
    The police have impounded the guns will they allow them to be transferred to an rfd?

    yes, I am holding some for a mate now,

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