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Thread: Shotgun clear out! WR Pape BLNE, Silver Sable SLE and Ithacha 20g pump

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    Shotguns WR Pape Silver Sable Ithaca 20g prices reduced

    Hi Guys my clear out continues to slim down to the guns I regularly use.

    First is a WR Pape, I bought this on the premiss that it is every Geordies duty to own a pape at some point in their shooting career!! but it just doesn't come out of the cabinet, it's 12g, 30" brls, the prince of Wales stock has 14 1/2" LOP to the front trigger, it has been re sleeved very well and by this I mean that if the barrels were to be re blued the joint would not be perceptible, the barrels are clean as a whistle internally and very tight on the face, it's chocked at 1/4 &1/2. I'll be the first to admit that it's not the prettiest Pape in the world but this is reflected in the price of 285. now 249

    Next is a Silver Sable side lock edjector, as you can see this gun is in very nice cosmetic condition it's 12g, 26" brls, the stock has 14 5/8" LOP to the front trigger, the barrels have been re blued and are clean as a whistle internally and very tight on the face,choked at cyl and 1/4, price of 275. (cheapest Silver Sable on Guntrader is 450)I would think that it could be a nice short pigeon hide gun. now 239

    Last is a very rare american Ithaca 20g light weight pump. This gun loads and ejects from the bottom of the chamber so is truly ambidextrous. I was attracted to this as I'm a leftie and I liked the small company hand made values and engineering. It was in fine condition when I bought it but I went through it and changed all screws,extractor and firing pin for "new old stock" genuine ithaca parts. This is a little gem but again I just don't use it, priced at 525 now 490

    All prices are based on F2F but happy to do RFD if you must!!

    on to the pics..

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    Sorry I forgot to mention the pump is a 3 shot you can see the proof house stamps below the receiver and magazine tube

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    price reductions see first post

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    Some really nice guns there Sanibel ! have a bump, that pump looks good value :0)

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    Just thought I'd push this up guys! Sable now sold

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    Lovely Ithaca...
    "He who drags the deer has the last laugh (mainly because he has to get his breath back)"

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