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Thread: Argo trailer

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    Argo trailer

    I Have an Argo trailer that will take avenger or conquest. Things I had fitted last year were 2 new tyres and 4 new brake cables and new front 50mm coupling. The trailer has 2 planks where the Argo wheels fit into that can be removed in minutes and can be used as flatbed trailer. This trailer is ready for use in good condition.

    The trailer flatbed size. 74" x 61" Tyre size and make (New) 145/R/10" M/S Trailer Maxx Radials. Will carry 1 tonne.

    The trailer can be delivered at the buyers expense.

    I am in the Midlothian area.

    PRICE 600

    This is not a recent photograph of this trailer it has been used since the trailer was refurbished.
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    Any pictures Jimmy ?
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    Could have a friend interested in the trailer could you PM me a contact number please..

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    Argo trailer

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    Up to you jimmy but personally I would remove your number & private message it to the guy .
    I know chances are small but an open forum & I'll bet some of the anti bunny huggers monitor it
    Wouldn't want you getting a heap o hassle

    Sorry if taken wrong way just an observation


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