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Thread: Moderator Cover

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    Moderator Cover

    My T8 moderator looks like a baseball bat with the 5mm thick neoprene cover on it so I'm thinking of changing it for something thinner. Tried putting a bicycle inner tube on it but try as I might the thing refused to go on and can't source anything with a bigger diameter. I see some people use shrink wrap tubing - what type? thickness etc. And does it work?

    All suggestions considered.


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    Shrink wrap tubing traps water, not good on a T8. Much better sticking to a neoprene cover

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    Jack Pyke double barrel shotgun cover 2-3mm neoprene should stretch you will need ot sew the join where you cut it or it unravels obviously wont take high rates of fire and high temps

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    Camo no mark tape, about 4-5 wraps round sticking to its self about 1mm thick maximum and can be removed and re used a good few times

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    As I have posted many times if you know a horse owner get some vet wrap. Its really cheap easy to replace. I work with horses so I have easy access . Just wrap it round and bobs your uncle.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	66560sniper tape! amazon or fleabay.

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    Get a different bicycle tube
    have them on both my pes t12's

    they are actually quieter now too

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    old fleece throw, cut out rectangle, get wife to sew up into a tight fit tube.

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    Tubigrip, but you'll need to dye it first, or shoot in the snow. Or cut the foot off an old army sock and use the ankle part

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    Self amalgamating tape (Screwfix and other providers) may be worth considering as will seal itself to prevent water ingress under it.
    I have used some on my stalking sticks to good effect and experience. Inner-tube used previously has been affected by UV and not lasted well.


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