Hi, I just thought I'd post a recommendation of the Lakeland foodsaver vacume packing machine. I bought one in store at cambridge a few months back at the start of the Fallow season, as I say, I've only had it a few months, and the seals do t allow it to suck enough air out of the bags anymore unless one presses the lid down and holds it down until it's done.
I decided that it should have provided me with a longer usable lifespan than it had , but couldn't easily find my receipt as i had put it somewhere rather too 'safe' so I wouldn't loose it !
Anyway, I rang the store and I actually got to speak to a real human person and not a computer! I explained my disappointment and the missing receipt. The lovely girl said to me that it wasn't a problem and she whent and got me a new one and popped it behind the counter for me to come in and collect. She said that the new one has the same 2 year no quibble guarantee too . Nice ! I have to say that this is a good value machine for 70.

kindest regards, Olaf