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Thread: FAC renewal open ticket, any pointers?

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    FAC renewal open ticket, any pointers?

    I have had my FAC five years, I was very experienced at stalking before taking up residence in the UK. Now that I am renewing my FAC I would like to get the coveted open ticket, that is leaving the safety to my discretion and experience. I think I am well capable of this. I have shot and processed a fair few deer now in the UK in many types of terrain without coming anyway near incident or mishap. I have gone out and got both DSC1 and DSC2. What are my chances of getting it? And are there any pointers out there as to what to say or not in the FAC renewal? Advice is strongly appreciated.

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    Just write on the application form, where it says what the rifle is for:

    "For shooting deer and any other lawful quarry on land where I have permission to shoot and which I deem to be suitable for this calibre of firearm."

    That should do it.

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    I just included a letter saying that I have had my certificate for 5 years and have gained experience in various situations and would like the restrictions removed.

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    I recently got my 1st centre fire FAC and had no problems getting an open ticket - simply stated !shoot of deer and AOLQ at xxxxx and any other location where I have lawful authority" Stated I bought days at various locations and provide copies of receipts from some past stalks (evidence of invitations would do the same).

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    You shouldn't have problem in getting your ticket opened at renewal. Just write a letter as i did, i got my FAC open after 5 months from grant, and i'm with Met Police as well. They are usually very good.

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    Thanks you all, it does not seem that onerous. I am with the Met Police too.

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    Add a note on all your previous experience as well and also reference DSC 1 and 2.

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    Being your first renewal after 5 years an open certificate should be automatic, but just ask for it to make sure

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    Your FEO will confirm it when he comes to see you but I think that it's standard to give an Open Certificate on renewal anyway. There is certainly no point or reason to write extra stuff on the application form. I have never heard of that before and I don't think that it would be appreciated either?

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    Yep, generally you get the ticket opened up on first renewal. But it doesn't hurt to ask to make sure.

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