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Thread: Beautiful morning

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    Beautiful morning

    Last weekend was a time of making some novice mistakes for me. I did not find a stable enough place to shoot from so ended up not taking a shot at a roe doe. I did enjoy following them once the wind was in my favour and watching them for 40 minutes on an area just off my permission. The force is strong in one year old doe who eventually moved the group off, she had been a bit jittery sensing me I think all the time but not quite certain. I was skylined but kept very still.

    Moving the next day to a calmer place I then did not shoot at a nice munty buck as I could not find him in the scope at 25 feet away as I had forgotten to turn my mag down.

    So with the sun out and the slight wind in my favour today I crept quietly to a high spot overlooking a constriction formed by a fence and a pond. Made certain a bullet loaded properly, checked the scope mag, checked I was happy that I was balanced and stable on the sticks and was ready only 5 minutes later when this pregnant munty came along at a comfortable 65 yards.

    Happy days

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    Very well done,,,,,i did the same last week had a walk about checking the tree cutting saw three does feeding oblivious to me waited for one to go broadside,,,,nope all three legged it ,,,i had a look around and there it was a buck in velvet hurtling across after them,,,,sods law prevails again,,, atb doug,

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    Thanks Doug. Your group sounds similar to the one I have been watching, 3 does and a buck in velvet. Not long now to my first roebuck season and it sounds like your should be productive too. Am booking some sessions with Jim at DGVM as really do feel that a DSC1 and some practice are all very well but still leave a lot of unanswered management questions. One example being out of the 3 does, one mature, one 2 years old and one a year old which one can be harvested for venison now or should they be left to increase further? The damage they could cause on the ground that they are on is stopping or slowing regeneration of about an acre of natural deciduous woodland that has recently been thinned?

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    In answer to your first post . What an outing you had , made a few mistakes but above all stayed safe and had a few amazing experiences, don't need to fill the pot every outing but do need to keep safe . Don't rush enjoy.

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