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Thread: Quality 6x42 scope - fine reticle

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    Quality 6x42 scope - fine reticle

    I'm looking for a good quality 6x42 scope with a 1 inch - 25mm tube.
    I don't mind if the exterior shows some signs of wear but the glass must be immaculate.

    I would prefer a fine duplex style reticle but may consider alternatives.

    If anyone is selling anything similar to the above feel free to drop me a PM

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    Double four you sent me a PM but your inbox is full therefore I'm unable to reply buddy.

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    I have a meopta 6x42. no 4 reticle I think.

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    I have a doctor 6 x 42 with an A4 reticule.
    I bought it off the site not long ago.
    It looks pretty ragged on the outside but I have just had it serviced, sealed and re-gassed at a cost of 81.00
    The scope cost me 100 so would need 180 to let it go.
    I am not in a rush to sell this but would let it go if it was suited for you needs.

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    Got a Swarovski 6 x 42 for sale

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    I have a Lisenfield 6x42 Spezial 25mm tube lovely glass 90.

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