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Thread: Vehicle choice advice wanted.

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    Vehicle choice advice wanted.

    For some years I ran a Mitsubishi Challenger (petrol) a brilliant car but so very thirsty! I changed it for a Daihatsu Terios which has been a brilliant vehicle and has only done 57000. However I really need a larger pick up and have seen a 2009 Hilux D4D Special Edition.
    It seems a very nice car with only 5700 on the clock, are there any downsides to this model? Any comments would be much appreciated. It will be used off road quite a bit.

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    Its a Hilux,you cant go wrong,they dont have downsides

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    I meant to ask, what's the diesel consumption like with general use?

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    Check the wheel sizes and make sure your fave mud or AT tyre will fit.
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    I've got a 2011 3.0 manual with 17inch GG AT2 and I get 35 mpg on the motorway and about 25 -27 knocking about I can't fault it really I came from a Land Rover and I haven't looked back since

    to be fair the mileage doesn't seem to make much difference other than to the asking price so don't be put off by a higher mileage motor 100k etc it'll still feel new if you know what I mean

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2130martin View Post
    Its a Hilux,you cant go wrong,they dont have downsides
    Except when the borders main dealer decides to deliberately skip diff and gearbox oils changes as part of major services and the diff packs up.......

    try and get an older 3.0l d4d rather than a 2.5
    much better vehicle

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    This is the 3 litre model with 57000 on the clock.

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    Check the service history for rear diff oil replacement every 20k at the minimum ideally more
    it runs a vented rear diff, when they go its new diff time

    thats all in know as a potential problem personally

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    Quote Originally Posted by old keeper View Post
    This is the 3 litre model with 57000 on the clock.
    Buy it, you won't be disappointed. They also hold their money better than most other pick-ups.

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    I have the 2006 HL3 2.5, 26 MPG running around, 33 MPG on a run, had it for 6 years 39k when i bought it, 83k and just had the cam belt changed, only problem has been an alternator.
    Get some good tyres when you buy it (yes you will buy it!) i have BFG's A/T.
    If i had the choice i would have had the 3lt but very happy with mine.

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