Hiya Guys,

I am having to re-advertise due to a time waster at my local gun club wasting my time.

This rifle is getting to be a bit of a rare item now as Daystate are stopping making the Airwolf in .177 MVT so if you want one here is your chance.










As you can see from the photos above, the gun is in excellent condition.

I bought it only about 6 months ago and I have used it most weeks since I have had it.

It has been used for target shooting at Kibworth Gun Club where on a windless day I can empty a magazine of 10 shots into a 5 pence sized bullseye at 45m easily. I also use the rifle for hunting on my local farm where I have had fantastic success with this rifle, taking rabbits, crows, rooks, magpies, squirrels at ranges over 60yds on a regular basis.

This rifle has a built in chrono which tells me this rifle is shooting Bisley magnums at 11.75-11.85ft/lb.

The trigger is totally adjustable, but is currently set at about 1.5lb.

The gun has many extras with it as shown in the pictures, however the scope and bipod are NOT included.

What is included.

Daystate Airwolf MVT .177
Daystate carbon fibre sound moderator
300bar x 3L Charging cylinder and test certificate
Refill adaptor, regulator and gauges
Battery Charger
10 shot magazine
1 shot sliding tray
On/Off Keys
Stock Allen Key
Snipers Gun Bag
Tin Of Bisley Magnum pellets
Owners Guide and CD ROM
Cleaning Fluid and Wads
Daystate Barrel Cleaning Brush

I am after around 1000 for this rifle, get in touch if your interested.

Please contact me at robertsmith141@hotmail.com

I do not mind showing people this gun if you travel to see it, but if you do not come with money, I will not hold it for you after you have seen it.

This sale is strictly first to pay gets the gun.

Good Luck Fellas.