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Thread: Minox scopes

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    Minox scopes

    Hi all, anyone got any actual first hand experience of how Minox scopes compare against the rest of the high end competition (Swaro, S+B, Zeiss etc)
    I know first hand their binos are excellent quality and superbly priced against the above mensioned 'big three' they are a fraction of the cost and almost measure up quality wise.
    I've been looking at their ZE-I 5 range, and some are over a 1000. You can get a s/h Swaro, S+B, Zeiss equivelant for about the same.
    My question is should I go for second hand or are the new Minox worth buying? This is why I'm looking for answers from people who have actually compared them.
    Many thanks.

    ATB Lee

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    I have had a pair of 7x42 Minox for years and they have proved to be a really good buy. They are used for stalking at first and last light and whilst you may get a little more last light use from one of the Swaro's or Zeiss it's really so little it doesn't seem to matter.
    I wouldn't hesitate to get another pair should the need arise.

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    Thanks for the reply old keeper, I too have a pair of Minox binos, but if you read my thread I'm looking for comparisons on their rifle scopes

    ATB Lee

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    Sorry Lee, start again! I also have a Minox ZE5i2-10x50 scope. That too is very good, I can't really fault any of the Minox products, I honestly think they give excellent value for money and do everything you want them to.

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    I got a ZA3 I think it is with a rifle I bought. I am told that these are the cheapest range Minox make but there is certainly nothing wrong with it. Glass is very clear and build quality is spot on. I have been told that the Minox customer services are first class to deal with. Only thing I'd worry about if I was you would be the resale value should you want to sell it on in the future. The more popular brands will hold their prices better.

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    By chance, I've been researching these today too. I've got some Minox binos which are great so thought that I'd check out the scopes for my new rifle. The ZE looks brilliant and the only downsides that I have found in my internet trawls are that the ZA range has significantly more adjustment than the more expensive ZE range. Also the illumination system seams to be quite large in comparison to other brands to the point where it might cover quite a large proportion of a target at longer range. Probably not enough to miss but enough that it might be offputting. Apparently the ZA range was to cater for the American market (the A in ZA) and the ZE range was to cater for the ZE market (the E in the ZE). Some scopes from the first generation of ZA's had a problem with a moving reticle which was sorted under warranty and has, I am told, subsequently been fixed for current and future manufacture.

    See this link which was quite useful.

    All of this is internet based and I've never actually handled one but I'm sure that there will be plenty of people on here with first hand experience.

    All best,


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    I used ZE5i 3-15x56 for couple of months and it was good scope in low light. Very well made, good image, illumination was nice, the dot in the middle is quite big no matter if illumination is on or off, I didn't like that #4 reticule, but if you set the scope to x15 it doesn't cover that much of a target reticule being in the second focal plane. There is a new BCD reticule that is fully illuminated (not to everyone's taste I know) but the lines are much thinner and I quite liked it. I also like the fact you can now get them with Zeiss rail.

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    My stalking rifles sport either Swarovski or S&B, I do however have a foxing rifle which is topped by a Minox ZA 2-10x50. As said these are American assembled scopes, using German manufactured components & quality Schott glass - Can the ZA range compete/compare with Swarovski or S&B, in my opinion no, but they certainly hold their own, having a sharp, bright image and good at low light levels.I don't have experience of the ZE models, however McLeods of Tain still have a range of new Minox ZA scopes, none of which are over 500 - excellent value for money.

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    If I were you Lee,I would forget about Minox scopes,the binos are good for what they are,but the scopes are never going to compete with Meopta for quality or value for money and they really haven't been around long enough to see whether they stand the test of time. Keep an eye out for a used Swaro/Zeiss/Meopta,you know what you are going to get with no surprises. ATB Lee.

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    Thanks for all the replies guys. Much appreciated

    ATB Lee

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