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Thread: Walk-in chiller.

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    Walk-in chiller.

    As per title I have for sale a walk in chiller. It holds 2/3 reds fairly easily and a lower rail could easily be fitted to take smaller species if so desired. You can stand up inside the chiller which helps a lot when hanging beasts up.
    The unit hadn't been used in two years until today and everything powered up as it should. The unit would probably benefit from regassing and a service so it will be sold as seen but can easily be shown powered up etc.
    This is 10 miles north of Inverness so please bear this in mind. Dimensions are 1 metre deep, 1.4 metre wide and 2 metres high and it takes 3 strong men to lift it.
    Please PM me with your email address for photos if you are interested.

    Not really sure about price so offers in the region of 400

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    Thats cheap,but I am 70 miles from Lands End(ie the wrong end!!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2130martin View Post
    Thats cheap,but I am 70 miles from Lands End(ie the wrong end!!)
    Definitely the wrong end of the country!

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    Just to confirm. This chiller has and can be left outside. It is suitable for external use.

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    A bargain for somebody.

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    Provisionally sold. On hold until next Saturday. If sale falls through I will update.
    Thanks for all the interest.

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