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    interested to hear if people are seeing more liverfluke in harvested deer due to the mild winters and wet summers .
    Significant increase in ewe hoggs and fattening lambs this year. Same with deer taken in the bottom of the Glen. Hinds on the tops are pretty much clear, which would suggest they are not dropping down at night to the wetter areas to graze much in the Autumn. Reds seem to cope pretty well with even high levels of fluke that would kill off sheep in short order but even if chronic disease not obvious it must contribute to general winter mortality.

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    I've noticed way more fluke in the hinds and calves this year.
    When I started out here, It was a rare thing to see fluke in any of the culled reds but now it seems to becoming more the norm.
    There was also a fair bit of whitespot on the livers this year. Unsure if that's connected to fluke though?
    I would expect the deer that were raiding the croft fields at night to be picking up fluke from the sheep but an odd few that were shot way out on the march and nowhere near the fields were still affected.

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    So there has been far more incidence of fluke this past year, simply because its been a very damp year.
    Sheep in Caithness have needed treatment far more and nearly half the Rabbits, Roe and reds were effected.

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