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Thread: Are you allowed to keep the boars head and feet on in a larder.

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    Are you allowed to keep the boars head and feet on in a larder.

    As an off shoot to my previous thread something else has cropped up. The boar is too big for my chiller so I spoke to local small game dealer I use and asked if I can put it in his chiller for a while. He said fine but the head and feet must come off as the ministry vet or whoever will get upset if they're on. Now I know that pigs are lardered with thier head and feet on so what is he on about? it would be a shame to take them off and every picture of one I have seen in a larder is complete.

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    If going to AGHE then they must have the skin, head and legs/feet on otherwise the inspecting vet will not be able to complete a proper inspection of the carcass and it will be unable to enter the food chain. If for your own use, I see no reason at all why you cannot chop the head and legs off and am not sure why you think cutting its head and legs off is a shame as it is about to be cut up and turned in to sausages unless you intend to keep it in the larder forever??!!

    I think your game dealer friend is mistaken but best to check with the inspecting vet first rather than have an issue.

    Welcome to the world of boar and the many challenges presented by large, heavy, mud caked carcasses that are hard work in every sense once you have pulled the trigger!

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