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Thread: Wtd. 38/357 pistol dies

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    Wtd. 38/357 pistol dies

    Hi there.

    Looking for a set of 38/357 pistol dies. Must have bell die.


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    Hi Chris

    I've got a set of Lee dies in the garage which I haven't used since we were allowed to have handguns... They're labelled 357 Magnum, and are Lee part number 90511. I think they can only be used for the magnum round, not 38 Special, but I could be wrong. Let me know if they're any use to you. They're in used but good condition.

    I also found a Lee Auto Disk powder measure (similar vintage and condition) and I think I've even got a Turret Press somewhere if they're any use - can't see me using them again.


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    Hi Andrew,

    Just checking on the Lee site - it make sense to me that what you have would work, but the site says that the 90511 "The 357 Mag die set can load maximum cases. The 357 Mag cannot load the 38 Special." If they were 90510 Lee says " you may use the 38 Special die set to reload for the 357 Mag. You would have to back out the Powder Thru Expander Die, and the Bullet Seating and Crimping Die about 2 turns to compensate for the longer 357 case."

    If they were the 38 ones I would have had your arm.

    Thanks for thinking of me !!


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    Hi Chris

    I was a bit surprised as well - there's not much difference in case length as I recall (just googled it - about 3mm so maybe the magnum dies wouldn't work). In fact I think I must have reloaded 38 Special with them (I had a very nice custom PPC revolver at the time, but don't like to think about that...), but I suppose it might have been 357 Mag -it was a long time ago!

    Anyway, no worries, someone else got back to me saying if you didn't need them he might be interested.

    Good luck with the search.


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